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My mind 4gets to remind me that you're a bad idea=)-Taylor Swift

Infact you can keep everything except for me:P-Katy Perry

No skill and you've gone the fast way-Hollywood Undead(J-Dog)

You've gotta reach down, dig deep, and break threw-Five Finger Death Punch

Inside my shell I wait and bleed-Slipknot

raise me up to live again like you did-Flyleaf

I will always reach to high- Vanessa Carlton

I would love you and only you-Gumi

ALRIGHT he r some things I should clear up: my little cousins make flipnotes and post them to this account so any flipnote with zero stars my cousins made ok? I babysit them so I dont have the heart to delete them.

My fav movie is Alien VS Predator

My fav videogame is Gears of War 3

My fav band is Hollywood Undead, my fav member is Charlie Scene<3

My fav animals: bats, snakes, horse, cats, dogs, and bunnies.

I love to: ride horses, sk8board, hunt, etc.

I hate: country, Justin Bieber, 1 Direction, bugs, any little kid show with the pauses for you to answer, and little ankle biter dogs.

I fear: spiders

Most of the time I am nice but I have a BAD temper. So BEWARE!!!

(o_+) (o_3) (o$o)