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Hey everone its me Kid Death Thanks for viewing my profile i appreciate it....

about me....Well theres really not much to say

Im a guy,

Im 19

Birthday in May

languages English,Spanish, and learnin Japanese(Learning Japanese its so hard)

Also Why im Kid Death

You may all notice my Name Is Kid Death....well There a Reason i made this name......And Please Dont get it Confused with Soul Eater Character Death the name has no reference to that...Well im Kid Death Cause When i was a kid i love thing that had Grim Reapers,skull,Creepy-Ness,etc ...yeah i sooooo loved that stuff...idk why i was so Fascinate with Grim Reaper i just was...when i needed a usename for hatena i wanted something that was original and had Death in it (was gunna go with Death But it was to common)so i just put 'kid' in front of it.....and made Kid Death...when i went on hatena website and searched the one had i stuck with it.....Yeah so thats why i use Kid Death.....Not Because Of 'Soul Eater'....i Actually found out about soul eater because of people here saying kid death rocks,I love Kid death,you must be a fan of soul eater,etc when i finally watched it....ive notice those people where was Death the Kid if your gunna love something atleast get the name right (-_-)

Q)heres a question lots a people ask me..."where did you learn to Draw and animate so well"

A- Well No one taught me anything about animation...i just love how the nightmare before christmas was made i decided to see if i could try it...and i did....By reading Books...Watching Tv Documentary about animation..and watch youtube took me awhile to get the hang of it but i love to animate...ive even done some stop-motion animation videos with lego i had around the house...Also things i like

Favorite Games are

Kingdom Hearts,Pokemon,Final Fantasy 7 series,Super Smash Bros. ,Mario Titles,The legend of Zelda,Some Kirby games but not all,watches anime,

Some of my Favorite animes are

Fairy Tail(Sub),Naruto,Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal,Bleach,High School of the Dead,High School DxD,Kore wa zombie desu ka,Green Green,,Nichijou,One Piece,Full Metal Alchemist,Pokemon,

Final Fantasy 7 Anime,and Sgt,Frog.(those are just some of them)

Favorite tpyes of anime





Slice of Life




Got any Anime recommendation comment me but please no dub. anime...i mostly like Sub. anime

Favorite Movie Of All Time Is

The Nightmare Before Christmas

and love to make flipnote MV(Though they dont really get as popular as my other flipnote)

Things i hate people who complain that they can't draw or come on go read a book,look at a tutorial or something to get better.

(Types of Flipnotes i can make)

I can Make Stick Fight Flips,Comedy Flips,PV, and Sprite Flipnotes...Well thats it...Ive notice most creator are good at only one Specific type of Flipnote...where as i Cant Do mostly All types.

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Man! i forgot well if i forgot you Please let me know so i can add yan....srry if i forgot to add you

Deviantart: KidDeath3000

(but i only have one pic )

3DSplaza KidDeath

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