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hello invaders human worm babys and weird creatures of all kinds. I am the wonderous doom bringer TRINITY! learn and remeber the name... IM TOTALLY NORMAL!!! eheheh... NEXT TOPIC!! *scean changes and pigs fall randomly out of the sky* ahem..

okayyyy let's pretend that never really happened. As I had said earlyer my name is Trinity the fearless invader here to take over earth yada yada i'm a HUGE (you can tell i mean it when i write it in caps ewe) fan of Invader zim, anime, manga, keroro gunso, and moosey fate.

those of you humans who have never heard or seen invader zim or gir better run!!! NEXT TOPIC

i currently also have a fanfiction account but since my computer hates me i have no storys yet. I'm a indoor person who spends most of her lazy life makeing flips and chatting on hatena. problem bro. Anyyy whoooo

about my oc TRINITY/ Trin

now this is not your ordinary life story so if it becomes to random your mind may suddenly implode!!!!!!

trin was a normal irken with a goal like many other irkens becomeing an invader. She was made fun of alot went all emo-ish and gave her self a tattoo like thing aka the huge mishapen letter T on her forehead she was very very very very short but later was the hight of an average irken so kinda tall ewe. am i boring you???? if so do not leave or i will cover you with leaches!!! durring a game of dare or doom she ended up stuck on earth. thats all i need to tell you so you are now free to leave