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Ok. So I'm gonna say a little bit more about myself.

I really like Star Wars, Sonic, Halo, and Marvel.

Also, Indiana Jones is really cool.

My main o.c. is Sigma X the robot. He joined Sonic's group and fell in love with Sonic's daughter, Jenny (another o.c.)

Jerard Kal is a former Jedi and Mandalorian warlord. He fights for the Republic only to help the clones. After the Rise of the Empire, he and his army allied themselves to the Rebellion. He wields a yellow lightsaber and a sword made of beskar known as a bes'kad.

Those are the three o.c.s that I focus my stories around.

Another thing original to me is Aegis form. The way it works is force training combined with the chaos and master emeralds for a strength unparalleled.

Adding more info!

Dux Magnum was the nikto mandalorian that found Jerard in a cantina after he left the Jedi order. Dux had a price on his head and every thug in the cantina tried their luck against this warrior. In a flash of sulfurous yellow light, Jerard came to Dux's aid. They quickly dispatched the ruffians and Jerard then joined with Dux as a mandalorian. His left gauntlet houses a blue saber crystal for a more unusual blade fighting style, Baraka style.

Sonicpool is basically the same story as the original Deadpool by Marvel only in Sonic's world of Mobius.

F8 is a commando droid of the CIS that Jerard captured and reprogrammed. F8 is no longer bound by programming that keeps him from hurting his owner, regardless now that the reprogramming gave him his own sentience and freedom. He wields a bes'kad and painted the mythosaur skull own his helmet and face as a symbol of his independence.

H'rocca is a wookie mandalorian with a life debt to Jerard and Dux. He carries a bow caster and a more antiquated weapon used by mandalorians of the past known as a mythosaur axe.

Nariin Magnum was a gladiator woman freed by Dux when he and Jerard visited Nal Hutta. Dux decided to play hero and come to Nariin's rescue. Jerard jump in to protect his reckless friend. In the end, Dux and Nariin grew close and married.

Zapper is Jerard loyal R5 astromech unit. Zapper is equipped with the latest slicing gear and even a hidden blaster unique to this astromech. Zapper is gold with silver details and has harassed Silver the Hedgehog on a number of occasions.

Jerard Kal revealed to Grievous the true source of his contempt and suffering to be San Hill of the Muun Banking Clan and the Sith. Grievous joined Jerard before the Battle of Geonosis and in his place, an inferior droid substitute was inserted to avoid suspicion of Grievous' betrayal. Now he fights alongside the mandalorians, wielding two green lightsabers, a blue ligthsaber, and his preferred black lightsaber. He was also trained by Jerard Kal to use the force, which is possible due to the fact that in the surgery to make Grievous a cyborg, the separatist scientists used the blood of Jedi Master Syfo Dias.

Soon to add more info.