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Greetings, malafactors! I see you have stumbled upon the cold, desolate wasteland that is my creators room! Don't bother leaving, 'cos I've already locked the door from the outside~ (or would that be the inside... Heheh, silly me, always forgetting things like that.) *insert evil laugh here* Anywhoooo, I haven't exactly been aquainted with you yet, have I? Well, the name's Ryn! Spelled with a backwards R, fyi. I hate it when people forget that. I'm not gonna tell you my human name if you strapped me down and forced me to, so don't bother asking. All I'm tellin' ya' is that it starts with an E. A BACKWARDS E, MIND YOU! Eheh... Heh... Aw, smeg, am I boring you? Terribly sorry, shall we move on to the o.c.s? Well, too bad! I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself, first. Okay, so, I live in Canada. And... Uhhh.... I like dark things? That are dark? I don't know. My favourite show is Invader Zim, as you have probably noticed by now. I also like Hetalia, IT Crowd, Red Dwarf, Kuroshitsuji, Arrested Development, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fawlty Towers. I used to have a pet bunny named Obi Bun Kenobi (have I mentioned I also love Star Wars?), but he died. I also used to have two cats named Sascha and Cordilia, but they died, too. Now all I have is my venus fly trap, Rutteger, and my pet rock, Dr.Tortoisebottomoppolis. Tragic, is it not? My favourite movies are Psycho (not the remake) , Hairspray (the remake), Alien, The Princess and the Frog (disney version) and The Avengers. I own a pair of high-heeled spat boots (if you don't know what spat boots are, look it up. They're pretty awesome.), and I'm very obsessed with gothic and retro (gothtro? XD) clothing. Alright, now I'm gonna tell you about my (very few) O.C.s!

My main O.C. is Ryn, an Irken serial k.iller with an obsession for scissors. She feels empathy for a few certain individuals, but otherwise doesn't show much mercy for anyone or anything. Her height is a bit below average, but not so much that she is freakishly short. She likes sharp objects, sweets, rabbits, things that aren't spiders, pretty much anyone who isn't willing to k.ill her and/or turn her in to the Irken authorities, I.NNY (Sor's O.C.) (You know, THAT kind of like. *wink wink, nudge nudge* XD), and things that aren't spiders (I already mentioned that, but she really, REALLY hates spiders). She dislikes Syk (my brother's O.C.), spiders, earth, humans, Zaia (ZiE's O.C.), Styx (my O.C.), and anything that IS spiders. Age: 131

Syk is Ryn's so-called "brother". Or rather, her younger, male clone. He was created because Ryn felt she needed a decoy to take the blame for her k.illings. Unfortunately for her, Syk turned out to be male, as well as having an almost identical personality to Ryn. Eventually, after obtaining a rather nasty scar on his left eye, rendering it partially blind, he escaped her and joined a small group of assassins. He likes any kind of weapon (as long as it can k.ill people), cats, video games, caffiene (did I spell that right?) and things that go boom. He dislikes Ryn, anyone who's friends with Ryn, anyone who isn't Irken, trees, PEP (his SIR unit) and earth. Age: 116

Styx is an Irken scientist who runs a rather productive lunatic asylum and defective research facility. He is generally quiet and kept to himself, but can be incredibly sadistic when he wants to be. He has severe cataracts in both of his eyes, which make it nearly impossible for him to see properly. Age: 173

Retch is an incredibly gossipy and overly hyperactive Vortian who is also a pretty talented aviator (for you people who don't know what that means, she's really good at piloting ships). She and Ryn were friends for a while until she found out that hanging out with a mass m.urderer might not be a very good idea. Despite the fact that her normal cheerful, sugary mood could quite possibly give you diabetes, she can also be very snarky. Age: 136

GRIMM is a SIR unit created by Styx to help hunt down escaped criminals and defectives. He is rather jaded and cynical, as well as short tempered.

PEP is Syk's hyperactive and "peppy" (hence the name PEP) SIR unit. He is CONSTANTLY in a good mood, even in the most devastating scenarios.

Houdini is my only human O.C. He is prone to paranoia and trusts no one. His real name is Alex, but he absolutely despises it when people call him that. His parents disenherited (I did NOT spell that right, did I?) after he began rambling about "extraterrestrials" and "the invasion". Smart parents. He currently resides in "The Institution for Chemically Imbalanced Children". Age: 14

Well, those are all of my O.C.s so far! Are you bored to tears yet? Good to know, because my oh so horrid description-thingy is about to end!

Au revoir, my sweet walruses~

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