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I'll put together what i have done of the SS Pack and a few flips of every sprite i have made, then imma packing up. Oh and for those of you that enjoyed my series, it will be redo entirely on Flash in the future -Shadow624

Final Goodbye Note ~

Flipnote Hatena is a great website for literally anyone interested in any type of art. I for one wouldn't trade the time i've wasted/spent on here for anything. I've met some pretty colorful characters that have perminately changed my life. Hatena has also helped me finally realize just what i want out of life. It's helped me realize that i want to be a graphics designer for video games. And with the right amount of practice on Flash and Photoshop i think i can get there. Do you people unsure on letting me leave really think theres a future for someone who animates in 8 bit? I sure don't. And hopefully you don't either. But what do most of you know? Most of you are 8 year olds with nothing better to do but bother the living hell out of a 17 year old to make stuff that you'll most likely forget about or just not use when the project is finally done! If you really want sprites to survive the tests of time i suggest you get your asses in gear.

12/27/2011 Shadow624/Shad624/S624Animations/S624

Still want to be a fan of my work? Great! I'll be moving to Newgrounds once I get Flash figured out. Feel free to follow my updates and I on my site.