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I live in NYC and I like reading. I also like chatting in hatena, watching people play soccer, and I hate false reporters. My goal is to have 50 color stars, so i can get a good theme.

(May be updated from time to time)

Update: The old update is deleted because it's not true anymore so yeah ...

9/24 Update: Well... hi... lost motivation and such. propbably gonna quit soon.

7/3/12 Update: It's been a year since last update. Well I lost my DSI, so... I think I should quit. if I Don't do anything by the end of August. I quit. :( DiZ im happy to no you have made many friends and even if im gone, your fans will cheer u up! :D Zerox, its good to see u back on ur feet, and people are happy to see u back

P.S. Whats with the 34% thing?