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Hey, everyone! I'm SM64Dude, and I'm a fourteen year old triplet who lives in New Jersey, U.S.A. I am a MASSIVE Doctor Who fan. Anyone else?

My mood this week: #BandCampSUCKS


My Latest Work That Isn't a Meme, Chain, etc.:

Pain MV (75% Finished)


Stuff about me:

My Characters:

J (O.C.)

Floatemy (Technically the first one, but used less)


Jake (Mah first Chibi hoho)

Back stories(oFTo):

All back stories relate to Tyrannis and a character's back story will be posted here along with an MV that relates to them.

J: J has sides to him that he doesn't let anyone see. Deep down, he feels that he is a r@ging psychopath who needs to be locked up. He also believes that he does everything wrong, and doesn't normally take control of situations. He likes to go with the flow and let things take there course. He doesn't let these show, and likes it that way. (Accompanying MV: iNsAnItY)

Floatemy: (In Progress)




My Hatena goals are as follows:

1) Become a silver Citizen Complete!

2) Meet 5 famous people Complete!

3) Have at least 300 fans (65/300) 2/10 Complete

4) Get 1 Purple star, 3 Blue, 10 Red, 30 Green, and 50,000 Yellow

5) Get featured in someone else's flip 6 times Complete!

6) Be on the weekly topic

7) Be the Hatena featured artist

8) Get a flip in the MP

9) Win 2 Contests (1/2 Complete)

10) Make at least 5 series (3/5 complete)

Here's mah Hatena frands:


Sir Isaac

Dark Bones



SMACKaTRON (my cousin)

SSJ Trunks (One of my closest real-life friends)



Blackace98 (My Brother)

deathchibi (RP oFTo)










Dark Vap

Creators I look up to:

Sir Isaac






Nico Blue




name nom

Anyone that can draw better than me. :p

My Serieseseses:

Hatena Hopefuls: A series about, uhhhhh, nothing. Episodes mainly posted over the course of 1-3 months; I h@te making it.

TheRandoms: Self-explanatory. The episodes have no point or meaning, they're just fun animations that normally only last for a few seconds. Mainly includes J and Floatemy, with Blocks popping in and out occasionally. Episodes posted on a somewhat regular basis.

Tyrannis: Finally, some epicness. 1/3 R.A.O.P, 1/3 MV, and 1/3 Animated, this series has a lot of work put into it not only by myself, but also through many of my friends. It is the only adventure series I plan to make, and includes a very diverse cast of characters, all with back stories. I intend to make episodes fairly long (60-150 pages if R.A.O.P.) so check it out.

I love cliffhangers.


My desc.

I enjoy making flips. That's pretty much all you need to know, I think. WAIT! Here's what you need to know:

I make comedy flips & serious MV's. I have many idols, many of which hardly ever post any more. (e.g. Scribbler) I have to keep my DSi in a Nerf case, or else my screen gets wobbly. Sometimes I fall asleep with my DSi on, and I still have at least two bars of power left. I once gained a friend by begging for it. (Can anyone guess who?!)I once pulled an all-nighter running around in Pokemon Heart Gold. I constantly say "Your mom" for no reason whats-soever. I have no pets, and when I did, they were only hermit crabs.(And fish, when I was extremely young.) My first friend was john >=p. My O.C.'s name is J, but mine starts with the 30th letter of the alphabet(Puzzler!) I am the smallest and youngest in my family. Your mom.(See?!) I know what an interrobang is, and how to use it. I have no allergies, but my bro has the worst nut allergy in my state. My older brother's professor was on "The Colbert Report," making ice-cream levitate."It's just science!" I don't enjoy ice cream or chocolate. Technically, I've been on Hatena since December 2010, because that's when I got my DSi. The day before I even found out that I could get an account, there was an outbreak of my making flipnotes.(Weird, huh?) Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin (or John Adams, I can't remember) died writing letters to each other, within minutes of each other, on July 4th? At 1 month, I had 8 fans. At two months, I had 15. In 3, I had 24, at 4, I had 32, and at 5, I had 43. I get annoyed when someone doesn't know who Queen was.(Do you?) I can get on Youtube and Facebook from my school. I even taught my teacher how! You CAN'T have my Facebook name.(Not that anyone asked for it.) I was born on February 18th, 1998. I sing, play the Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxaphones, and play the piano. Once, I gained 5 friends in one chat room. I'm addicted to sit-coms for some reason. I have a Wii, an XBOX, an XBOX 360, a Game Cube, a Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy Color, an N64, a DS Lite, a DSi, a 3DS, a Playstation, a Playsation 2 and an SNES. I let my sister post. All of my flips before April 2011 were stolen or barely edited.(I'm ashamed of this.)


Information on my Flips:

Most Popular: Sunny Outside

My favorite: iNsAnItY

My favorite series of mine: TheRandoms

First: Just a Small Piece 1

Least Popular: H.H. Ep. 2

Fan Favorite: 20% Cooler

Least favorite: Illusion


Yep. Oh, and the secret to the Krabby Patty formula is

Enjoy! ~SM64Dude