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Sorry to say but i'm gone. Dsi has reached its limit and i've worn it out.

I'll be gladly to answer any questions and reply to any comments but you'll have to wait a bit until I answer back because I don't plan on using this as often. Any questions just leave it on my most recent flipnotes insted of putting them everywhere.

Thanks for understand, I'll miss you all<3 Haters and Lovers, Thank you<3



3DS~ 4639 - 8945 - 7684 (I don't use 3ds that much which is a waste of my money so again, if i'm ever just randomly on it and on this as well, I will add you)

Pokemon White~ 4899 - 4774 - 0683 (Don't really play this as much so ... meh, I might battle, trade whatever)~

Xbox Gamertag~ Doctor Zurg (Live has ran out and again, I don't play it as often so if I ever re-new it and I get a request from you, i'll accept)

DeviantArt~ HA! THERE IT IS!~

YouTube~ HatenaMrJoker~ (So original Oh Em Ge)

Facebook~ If you find out my account without me telling you, You're a stalker~



I don't need goals, everything good i've done on Hatena like give encouragment, getting stars, giving out advice, making friends, improving skills, getting new fans etc. I have achieved alot for me.