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I liek pancakes and im a Canadian who loves snowboard,basket,skateboarding,SSBB and I'm quite tall.I am aged 12-16 years(im not 12 :D). I'm not allowed to tell my exact age (In yo face cuz I got banned 2 times 4 dat). I firggin love the Starfox serie . I'm on I can has Cheezburger ,Facebook,Youtube,Pokemon Gts , Pokemon and moar. Um...RayWilliamJonhson , Ceiling Cat and TrollFace are my heroes.I speak french and english AND GURRHURRMAN though....That's all you need to know about me . 'w'

And I cant let you do everything dat you want, people-that-are-reading-this cuz ei uh trolololololololol.

I liek turtlez