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Haii, I'm Ashley. Here's A Lil Bit Bout Mee:

I Have Blue Eyes :3

Dark Brown Hair

I Lovee Cats & Tigers

I Absolutely Lovee All My Friends & I Lovee Making New Friends

I Am Pretty Scared Of Lots Of Things A Lil Kid Would Be Scared Of Such As The Dark, UFO Sightings, Ghosts, Hearing Noises At Night That I Don't Know Where They Come From, Etc... D;

I Sleep With A Stuffed Animal. :/ A Tiger<3

I Live In Cali

I'm Like 5'2 X]

My Favorite Color Is Burgandy <3

I've Been Watching Spongebob Since I Was 3 & I've Been Loving Him For 10 Years <3

I Lovee Adventure Time<33

Wiley Coyote & The Road Runner Are My Favorite Cartoon Characters ;D

I Can Be Real Wild & Hyper & Crazii At Times X]

Chihuahuas Aree Soo Cute!<3 :3

Mmmm, I Guess That's Enuff, :]

S/O To...

  • Devin/BestesestBiggButtBuddy<3
  • Kayla/Wifey<33:D
  • Josh/AnotherBestiie:3
  • Noah/SuperLlamaLoverFranXDDD
  • Priscilla/CrayCrayFren':o
  • Maggie/Beautfullzz :]
  • Nikky/BrilliantMVMakingFriendX]
  • Dark-X/Xavier/VerySillyFwend:D
  • Garen/<33SuperFwendd!:D

& Last But Nott Least..

I Hope I Got Everyohe, If Not, Tell Meee! D:< Anyways, Baii(;