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Hey WAZ UP! Can you tell i am not shy i'm just very very very outgoing hahaha i love reading series of anime flips they are awesome to tell you hahaha have fun!=)oh yeah and make sure to check out xX$aMiRaXx her command RYYBR(UP UP)Y THNX she has a really cool series called Never Trust Vampires check it out she is really devoted to her series and she is really nice so check it out like i said have fun!=)Also,Please check ot~Sam~ also, she is really good at drawling and she has a good suspensful series check that one out two her series is about a bunch of kids around he ages 11-16 maybe younger i is very interesting she is a superawesome drawler like samira so check them out on here hey and ~Sam~ her command is R(side)RLyLa(side), supercool!

Just to tell ya''ll a little about me her it goes...



favorite singers:Justin Bieber AllstarWeekend Cody Simpson Action Item Letters And Lights Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Taylor Swift The Cast Of American Idol 2010 Paramore Lady GaGa Katy Perry Ke$ha Pink and Carry Underwood and much much much more<not in order>

Favorite Color:lots of them i cant chose

Favorite Ice Cream:I like alot! xD

Things I Absalutally Love To Do:Go to concerts,Sing,Dance Go to parties,Spend time with family,Watch T.V,Act,listen to the Radio,Shoping,Ipod,Vaction,and what i am doing right now flipnotes hatena