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hello, it's petalina. I love to doodle, draw, paint, sketch, and I absolutely postively loooove improving my art skills. Once in a while you get sooo bored because you feel like you art is missing something, and then you see an awsome picture/drawing/piece of art and your'e sooo inspired you can't put your pencil down. I love drawing and my art is more anime-ish than manga style. I want to be an Anime Cartoonist when I grow up. I also want to publish a childrens/tween book series when I grow up. I'm always working hard and it's actually hard for me to be sad unless i'm not feeling well. Sometimes i'm trying so hard not to grin, laugh randomly, or jump up and down in my seat giggling randomly that you can barely understand what i'm trying to say. Lol... see ya later!

Yesterday was the last day to post and download flipnotes, as well as posting comments. It only just finished my Farewell PV in time, but i'm so happy my last flipnote was an PV/MV. Allrighty then. I'm going to go looking for my flipnote hatena friends on other hatena sites. ttyl!

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