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Hi my name is Sammie which is kinda short for Samantha im 14 and i love to draw if i put my mind to it and practice 24/7,365 xD Dr.Gigglez gave me a new song to love its called Redrum is murder by A beautiful Lotus and its only 54 seconds long FML >_<.Well im glad its on itunes or i would of just exploded into rage and would of never got to hear my favorite song. Now im gonna point it out that im not "fucking oblivious" just because i have a opinoin.Im not a hater because haterz make me famous:)~Dahvie Vanity Im bi yes and this i will not deny i approve same sex marrige because love is love and nothing can change it.My uncle was gay and was beaten to death because he liked the same sex.I for 1 hate to see this kind of things to happen just because you love someone.My favorite lyrics of all time are ~~All these rumors and all the shit i paid a pretty price to erase all of it~~Jayy Von Monroe(Beautiful surgery~ Now i have both likes and hates and here they are...


1.Hot topic

2. Gays,Bis,Lesbians


4.Anime (huge fan)



7.The colors green,and red

8.My hair because its naturally curly and its red (:

9.Music ~Screamo,techno,electronica,dance,rave,acoustic songs (:

10.I play acoustic guitar and can play 5 songs good i guess

Enough with that now on with the hates lolz







6.Any kinds of rap i hate with a burning passion






Well those are my likes and hates :P

Now on to my favorite in music

~Jeffree Star,BC-13,Dot Dot Curve,My chemical romance,Never shout Never,Vampires Everywhere,Asking Alexandria,Woe is me,Miss may I,Eatmewhileimhot,iwrestledabearonce,The medic droid,Medina Lake,A beautiful Lotus,BOTDF,We came as romans,A skylit drvie,Basshunter,Iamxray