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Hello Everyone! I'm CuteChick☆ the real sister of CuteAngel☆. My old hatena account was sassy (phone before the s and after the y). I had to format my dsi because i forgot my hatena password online and I forgot the email i used. So now this is my new account. Feel free to add me to ur favs. or add stars on a flip you liked by me. Now here are some facts about me:

How old are you? 10

When is your birthday? September 13

What is ur real name? Samya

When did you join Flipnote Hatena? I joined 2/17/12

Do u like Hatena? Yes

Do u spell good? Kind of

Do u smell good? yes

Here are some singers I like:

Hilary Duff

Skylar Grey

Kanye West

Chris Brown


& more I cant think of right now .lol ALSO I LOVE MAKEING FRIENDS.