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  • My name is Stephanie, but Stephy/Steph for short.
  • I'm 16 x).
  • My birthday is March 17th ♥.
  • I started getting interested in Anime/Japanesse stuff around elementary school :D♥
  • I'ma BIG hello kitty fan!


゙(゚、 。 7

 |、゙ ヽ

 じし|_, )ノ Random cat x3.

  • I played Maple story for a year or so, but quit before i got over addicted lols.
  • OMG. I'm such a super shy person in real life. But somehow, i feel comfortable talking online o_o; .



Thanks all i have to say for now! :D thankks for reading ♥.

  • Stephyyy ♥.