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I'm Sapphire! :3

I draw anime, chibi, wolves and animals,

mostly anime and chibi.

My favourite singer is always somebody different because it changes every time I hear a good song. :3

My OC's

Sapphire- Main and first

Sky- Sapphire's twin

Kawaii- Rabbit

Ty- Rabbit

Celestia- Rabbit

Rose- Rabbit

Foam- Rabbit


Shadow- Wolf

My new characters are rabbits! Yay!

So I hope you'll enjoy my new videos!

One of the things I really hope I'll accomplish on Flipnote is that I'll get better at drawing and animating and earn a few more stars and fans. :3 But I don't put effort into flipnote to make everybody but my self help, I mostly go on flipnote studio when I feel like doing a drawing or animating something quickly. And when I'm really motivated I'll make some MV's.

I hope you enjoy my flips! :3