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Hai! Firstly, my real name is Sara. Pronounced like (Saw-ra) NOT "Sarah". A bunch of people get that wrong. D:< I also LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater,Bleach & InuYasha. There are PLENTY more animes that I favor, but those are the main ones. I love to draw anime&manga (as you can tell) and I°m just an obsessed anime otaku. Truth be told, imma freak when it comes to this. :D

___Other stuff you should know about me:

~DON'T call me "Sarah". Do it, and I'll rant for hours or severely injure you..(maybe..)

~I LOVE cats! =^(°w°)^=

~I'm officially a freshman. ;}

~I have OCD. JS

~I HATE it when people think they're all that and that they're better than me. For ex., say that they say they can draw better than me (when they really draw like poop) and they just go on about how they can beat me in a drawing contest and...well I think you get the point. ^^°

___My friends on this site are:

  • NinjaStar
  • Kagome~♪
  • Li Chen
  • Kikyo
  • NeKage
  • RedIchigo
  • Hollow
  • Ibn Has
  • Samantha
  • Kago-Chan
  • Rukia

AND PLENTY MORE. So, if I didn't name you, I'm half asleep and not thinking straight. ^^°

__That's probably it.. Thanks for reading! BAI. __