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heyy whats up?? Mkay so my name is Kat and i'm 17. I live in California, I'm 5"3' i think yea i know that im short lol, I'm an only child, My fav. color(s) are purple and orange, I am in the 11th grade i go to a fcking prep school that annoys the $h!t out of me some times lol, I'm an all-star cheerleader i'v been one since i was ... what .... 2? and i'v been tumbling since i was just a few months old. i'v got bleach blonde hair (naturally) with pink, purple, electric blue, black and i think orange in my hair .... lol IDK it's like 3:35ish am here and i'v had WAY to much sugar and caffeine today so i'm most likely go to crash here soon haha, i'v got really bright blue eyes ... people who look at my pics always ask me if i photo shop or wear contacts well FYI i don't, oh and i have snakebites. I don't care if your gay because if you are i'm just going to warn you now.... YOUR MY NEW F*CKING BEST FRIEND lol. I absolutely LOVE scary movies IDK why but i do lol and i LOVE really big roller coasters or really any type of roller coaster for that matter. I don't judge people,just don't go and call me a rich spoiled stuck up $nob and we wont have any problems. I'm obsessed with guys that wear skinny jeans and vans. Out of every body in my life the 2 closest people i know and love are my best friends Max AKA prettyboy and Brad AKA diva (that's what I call them lol i'v known them my whole life so yea i gave them their nicknames for certain reasons haha) I go for the players but I'v always preferred the emo type if that's what you want to call them lol i just always find them really attractive for some reason lol, they are always so sweet, you don't find that many guys like that nowadays and I'm also obsessed with guys that have their lips pierced and that have long hair and that dye their hair.... why the h3ll am i talking about guys again.... oh well i don't know it's late and im just babbling on and on lol. My biggest pet peve and what i won't put up with is when a guy/girl tells you that he/she loves you and only you and you believe him/her then he/she goes behind your back an tells another girl/guy the same thing AND THEN TRIES TO GET OUT OF IT BY KISSING YOU ..... i mean WTF lol. And please don't ask if i have a Facebook because i dont any more ..(Note to self: Don't tell the ONE guy that has your password for FB that his eye liner looks like $h!t, that it's all $cr3wed up and that you can do better then that in the dark ESPECIALLY when you just woke him up randomly to go to the mall with you, and i know what your thinking WTF but i mean i gotta look out for him so i don't want him looking like he did it half asleep,which he did but no one needs to know that, and also I'M the one who's got to walk around with him lol) so yea Brad deleted mine and in return i deleted his YAY it's a win win er in this case a loose loose situation lol. my fav. bands are green day, we the kings, papa roach,all time low, american rejects, 3oh!3, black vial brides, Hollywood undead, secondhand serenade, hinder, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, between the trees, taking back sunday, mayday parade, nickleback, sick puppies, and thats all i can think of at the moment lol haha....... sooo what else is there to say....... I don't really like to plan things i'm the type of person that does things as she pleases, goes with whatever is happening at the moment... i guess that you could say i'm spontaneous lol. I'm really laid back and don't easily let things get to me, but if your a guy and you tick me off to a certain point all i can say is you better pack your $h!t up and get out of here lol but if your a girl i don't give a dam what you think about me, because honestly i could care less what girls think of me lol .... this is getting long isn't it ?? lol Also i absolutely can't stand serious people they just annoy the living hell out of me i mean come on have some fun i also hate goody goodys..... for some reason when every one first sees me they think that i'm some straight A goody too shoes lol well honey that couldn't be any further from the truth... just try spending a whole week with me and you'll see what i'm talking about lol or hell all you have to do is just listen to some of the things that i say and do haha but yea ANYWAYS so my favorite creator and really the only reason that i go on this messed up thing lol is my buddie and my new brother as of 7.7.11 leo AKA lion<3 lol he's so sweet and caring and he has helped out when i was going threw a tough time (and still am)he's the sweetest guy that i'v meet in awhile and i wouldn't have meet him if a certain some one didn't use me... ok now we are getting on the wrong subject lol all i'm saying is that he is so sweet and he's not like some (ok most) of the guys that only want to get in my pants..... dam man ho3s lol but yea.... im going to go now .. before i fall asleep ... which will be in like about 5 minutes lol sooo yeaaa so now that you know a FEW thinks about me ;) im going to go to bed now nite nite oh yea and because im that much of a spazz i made an email just for this thingy lol it's email me random personz xD BIEZ


Kat <33333