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Hiya! wow... i noticed my likes, and drawing skills, have changed a lot since i've joined. And it hasn't been a year. I'm so happy. Except with my Science grade..... But yeah.

I like Dragonball (not as much now... but if you ask me who Goku is, or do a over 9000 thing, i'll get it.) The weird thing is, Akira Toriyama ( DB creator) shares a birthday with my little brother.

HETALIA.... it is one the most GREATEST things i have ever known about. I really forget where i first learned about hetalia.... i think looking for a new anime series to watch.... Hetalia (for those who don't really know what it is....) is about different countries that are personified. I actually learned from this! Before hetalia, if you asked me "do you know what prussia is?" I would not have known. America eats burgers. And he's the hero.

LONG STORY SHORT. my anime likes wise.... if you have not seen Hetalia... watch it.

Ummm..... well, i'm 13. My birthday is April 7. I want to live to be 101 then i could say that i had lived through 3 centuries (i was born the last year of the 20th.. i'm living through the 21st... and by the time i'm 101, it'll be the year 2100. i think. wow.)

My favorite creators -

FinnLuva! (she was DbzLuver!... she's really good. Just it seems she's not really noticed. :/)

EminemVG. Really good. Mostly DBZ stuff, but i think she does some Naturo stuff....

DBZ star... i forget her current name.... she's good @ drawing DBZ characters.

fangirl - she makes AMAAAZZZIIING Hetalia PV's/MV's. Like, Awesome. like chuck norris and prussia and his gilbird meet and did the fusion dance. that's how awesome that is.


omg. i typed alot.......