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I don't really think I wanna stay here anymore. I think I may just move on to flash like everyone else is doing. Note that this is not final, but IDK. To tell you guys the truth, this place really sucks. There's too many horrible animations, people, and so much more. It's been fun, but not too fun...

I just wanna thank my fans for everything.

Random: I took a "Which Sonic character?" quiz and I'm like Vector the Crocodile. *Says obnoctiously* FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!

Upcoming Flipnotes:

SA3 Ep. 1 P1(??? Per. Done)POSTPONED


ER EP.1 P3/4

ER Ep.1 p3.5/4


Order of Flipnotes:

(1) ER. EP. 1 P3/4

(2) ER. EP. 1 P3.5/4

(3) D.S VS SMS P7



Things you need to know:

"ER", in case you didn't know stands for Eggman's revenge.


Might as well make a friends list to show which creators I'm friends with (yeah, I'm that bored)

DarkAceZ- I became friends with him after my first Fire Sonic Sprites pack, IDK how it happened. I guess it happened when we kept talking to each other, and became more and more "friendly" with one another. DarkAceZ has started to remake the (Super Mario Bros. Z) on the DSi. Please watch his flips, he's totally awesome.

Jacob- I can't put how he spells his name so I just put it like this. I became friends with Jacob when he ridiculed one of my sprite animations (strange way to become friends huh?) he is a good, no great, no excellent animator. He owns the 'Chomped' series. Whenever he gets bored, he'll just post a random/funny flipnote. (XD) Please watch his flips as well. (It might make his day)

The Shadow- I bet you haven't heard of him before. That's because he lives in the Europe/Oceania region. He used to be inexperienced at spriting,(so was I) but now, he's extremely great! Just watch his flips (via the computer you might be on right now.

Pickles XD- My very first friend on Hatena. We became friends when I asked him to make the Dark Sonic sprites. I haven't seen him in a while. I'm afraid he has left Hatena.

AcidAce- We became friends when I started getting better at animations and sprite making. He is a funny/strange fellow.

Mr.Video- We started to become friends when I started to help him link to some channels and then it became official when we started to Brawl against each other.

Well I think that's it (if I didn't say your name it might be because I'm not entirely sure that we are Hatena friends.)

I'm setting up a new account that will be used for the animations I make. I haven't completed it yet but my id is SeGaFaN2. Password:Original4

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