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Hey, Name's SilverMoon and I've been here for over a year. I'm 13 and I love drawing cartoons/game characters/whatever cartoon related thing you can think of Haha! I joined this because I thought it looked fun and it would let my imagination run wild with making up stuff with the animations. (Kinda a corny/stupid way to put why I joined Haha :3) Yeah kinda sad I haven't done any projects but now that I have some free time I will post some cool flips (hopefully -_-)


So I got rid of the edit me's on my account so what's left is four flip notes... I hope to improve "If I Die Young" and "E.T." flip notes so look for the updated versions. I am also making more flip notes; "Down","Happy Birthday", and an animated manga/comic series type one, (I'm not sure what to call it...) But I hope you could, possibly, check it out and comment to tell me how I did. I would really appreciate it!

Finished ratings on flip notes:

Down 0%

Happy Birthday 0%

E.T. Redo 0%

If I Die Young Redo 0%

Animated comic-type one 0%

I'll start working on them as soon as possible. I've improved over that last year I've been here, so, I know it will be a better. Wish me luck!

~To my fans-

Thanks for the support!

~Help Wanted~

So I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out by suggesting tips to help out with my flip notes. I want to get better at making flip notes so that people would enjoy them. So I just need some advice on making flip notes... If you can help, then comment in one of my "featured" flip notes. Thanks :D!



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October 13, 1998

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Reading, Art, Skateboarding, Soccer, and Helping Animals

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