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Name: Christine (Chatterbox)

Highest Rank: 503

Stars 10000+: incomplete

Green Stars 30+: incomplete

Introduction: Hello, chatterbox here. I don't like people who copy things from another flipnote and claim it as yours. I like people who try and comment, eg: I like your flips please look at mine. I don't find please watch my flips as annoying, it just keeps me busy and I will comment.

Help: I would like to ask you guys how to add friends on flipnote and why my L button on my dsi won't work.

Tips: Try your hardest and read tutorials from popular creators because that how I got to draw better and also try your best to draw something and you might end up having a new fan and stars.

Conclusion: Well I would like to talk a whole lot more but you might end up reading all night/day so bye.