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Imma Flygon, decentent of Roxas, a Awesome Fox, and a great friend.

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Imma Flygon, decentent of Roxas, a Awesome Fox, and a great friend.

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i have an ability to draw good, and i want to share it with everyone. my 3 top goals is to get lots of friends on hatena, be #4 in creator ranking, and clear all the bad people here... my friends so far are fleesveon, RoARK, darkfox, D@®↑ h£D∴, Jojo</3, X fire MH, DJÄナ☆※♪™, and leaf&ember. i like skillet and i like listening to techno and country and classic rock music. there are lots of bad people on hatena, actually more then any of us know. and to help or get rid of them, we need more people to help us.

my characters:

SetsuTheFox: the black and red 2 tailed fox that loves helping friends out, she loves to act pure, make more friends, but when someone ticks her off, she is BADLY ticked off, and she also sometimes thinks of suicide. she has a weird attration to bunny gummies, bubbles, Juice boxes, and shaking stuff. her family got destroyed by cell, so she is an orphan....and her father left her for apeture science..... and her father died of starvation in a testing room. she lost her memory and renamed herself "Setsu", but her original name was "emma". weird, i know right???

IanTheFox: the brown 1 tailed fox, he loves to be out going and helping out as many people as he can, whenever he gets mad he turns into a cell figure... (note he will have his own account soon..)

DeathTheHedgehog:the red and gray hedgehog who likes to kill everyone and he controls life and death.

CoDOSfeDtheDark: the black and green hedgehog who loves goofing off and likes techno music, he has a weird attractiong to ODD SMELLS (is currently with jessjess the skunk.).

LilentheEchidna: the pink echidna who has a yellow glowing star on her eye and likes making memories worth to remember.

AleashaTheMouse: the brown furred mouse with blonde hair.

StrengthAndAssassinTheBears: 2 brown haired brothers, strength has a camo head band and assassin is dressed like an assassin from assassin's creed.

ThrasherTheSnake: a purple snake with a green arrow goin up its spine and this snake is the strongest snake around.

PeinTheHedgedog: the purple and pink headgedog that likes to cheat boys.

SparkyTheHedgekey: the red and black hedgekey that makes jokes and likes hanging around with awesome people.

spartaTheCat: is a yellow, gray spotted cat that like to help her friends out and she likes jake the hedgefox.

JakeTheHedgeFox: a blue hedgefox that wheres a blue badanana and he likes Sparta.

SytherTheShapeShifter: a gray mongoose that trys hanging out with the cool kids but always gets made fun of and thrown out of every subject and game, so setsu TRYS to help him...

CareTaker the wolf: a blue and black wolf,wh lost his family in a horrible fire and he holds 2 spirits inside him, Stark and Kris. he has trouble making friends...... but team hero gives him an upside on showing his face. he has a lack of mantal energy, but conatins lots of solar power.

thank you for reading this!!!






june 14 1997

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How am i supposed to know?!


Drawing, Games, TRYING to make friends.


ballston community.

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Amity OR

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Amity OR


Drawing, Track.

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Drawing, Games, TRYING to make friends, making videos, being nice.


japanese, english, little bit of spanish, chinese, and english... wait did i already say English?


MINISH CAP! Gamecube, dsiXL, headphones, pokeball, MTN dew, chaos eneralds, Chao, and keyblade.