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Hey my name is Michael but their's too many of em with the same god damn name but you guy's can call me Shadic or Zero plz.

I've always love to draw sice i was 4 years old and i've been getting better during the year's have gone by ppl been trying to say they can draw better then me i've been saying to my head and out lowd.

Shadic: Um ok whateva.

i just let them say that just there show off's and thats at my school no matter what what they say.

Since i got my DSi i've been drawing on there and i got better at drawing and when they stole it i wanted to kill myself cuz i love drawing but i got a DSi XL and i was back to do more drawing's and i've been on Hatena for almost a year a full year and i couldn't believe it and i love it hatena was the only place i could get away from the real world with all it's bs.

And i've have the most 2 amazing Best Friends name Alex & Kenneth i love them and they keep on telling me to keep up the good work they draw and i love there drawing's when they get a Nintendo DSi XL they will add me soo i can see all there drawing and see how good they are lol i bet there amazing hehe i want to see them if they are really good ^-\\.

add me on any Account :3

FaceBook: Michael Nieves (Shadic DreamHedgehog)

DeviantART: Shadic-DreamHedgehog

YouTuBe: ShadicDreamHedgehog

Tumblr: Shadic-DreamHedgehog

Twitter: @ShadicDH

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Michael Nieves








Draw anime, making new clothes for my o.c. lol watch anime and more.


John F. Kennedy High School

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Drawing Hanging out with Friends singing and playing game's texting

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Making Anime