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WARNING: it's kinda long... And I like snicker doodles ( do not! Cyclone typed that! )

Also the story parts may be confusing, and they are not finished. :( Jason's story is outrageously long :D also, they are basically rough drafts, and I'm continuously editing them, so they seriously won't make much sense.

About me:

Name: Victoria

Status: not popular, after4th and fifth grade when I hung out with 2/3/ and at one point. 4 boys, I got used to being at the bottom of the social list, and so I'm basically the smart student who most people, (students, and teachers who joke around "teasing" students, leave alone.

Age: 12

Birthday: Febuary 19 2000

Grade: 6

Interesting fact: I wuz premature by 3 months (baby's are supposed to stay in moms tummy for 9 months, but I was only there for 6, I was making my mom sick. Poor mommy. XD nothing sad, other then all de stupid doctors thought I was gonna die. I proofed you friggin wrong. :D

Hobbies: Playing my DSi in my bed with my dog (Daisy) and Reading.

Can draw: Wolves, Dragons (it's entertaining), sonic x characters, and obviously my o.c's

I love: Greek mythology, My o.c couple Paradox and Jason<3, my BFFS: Marjorie(Cyclone), Emma(Sethdriane), and Kevin(a friend from school). Chocolate, soda, chips, Reese's, daisy, my Dsi, my iPad, minecraft, multiplayer minecraft, reading, writing, love stories, fiction stories, sad stories, dramatic stories, California Tortilla, Erin hunters series "warriors" "survivors (even though I didn't read it yet) and "seekers"

I don't like: people who judge others at first sight. Stealers. Popp207. People who think they will always get their way. People who purposefully ruin your fun. Nuts in chocolate. Pb&j sandwiches. Single player minecraft. People who take no notice of your feelingsm just boss you around. (I'm getting most of these people things from a student at my school. She pisses me off every minute off the day, but ironically her best friend is the only popular girl who is nice to me.)









Kevin <3






























Top Ocs:


Gender: girl

Nickname: E.t(Eternitys name I got from Artemis Fowl, book... 3 I think? The ETERNITY code.

Relations:Mother of February, Passion,Holly, Raine, and Thalia . Raven Toni and Evanscences sis.

Animal: werewolf and black angel( remember the day of the 2011 earthquake around Maryland and stuff? Me & Cyclone were watching the tutorial for a sonic werewolf wii game, and so I got the idea from there)

Powers: teleport through time and space. ( I didn't know mephlies had the same power till it was to late)

Story: (SPOILER ALERT FOR THE SERIES GRIEF)when she was 7 she got bitten by a werewolf(ww) and ran away from home a day before her 12th b-day. After wandering around she stayed with a wolf pack, being a werewolf for a few years. They called her Grief. After they found out about her being a ww she became their spy. Paradox was also in the wolf pack (before she went deaf) and they worked together. They learned of the bomb that Paralyze set, and tried to save Spear (b4 he got robot parts)and Paralyze. Spear was still hurt because E.T had to leave(or die which wouldn't have helped anyone) and he got robot parts from some weird dude. E.t was still upset about it so she went back in time, with Paradox, and Jason, and tried to fix things by going into the building and saving Spear. Unfortunately when they were coming out a wall fell down on top of her ans Jason and Paradox was forced to choose "who would benefit more" -quote from Jason) And Paradox chose her. E.t had thought meanwhile, -just save Spear and Jason, Jason doesn't deserve to be left like this, he is a fairly descent guy!- But because of the delay of the wall falling and getting E.t out, the building still exploded with them still in range. Spear and E.t still got hurt, and paradox went deaf from the explosion, and lost Jason. A few months later, E.t got a dream from, guess who, the leader of her old pack that said to meet her somewhere. E.t secretly left the next day. CONTINUE HERE

So ya... Sorry if u read that and it spoiled the series "Grief" but hey, I warned you.


Gender: girl

Nickname: Vicky or Vic

Family: she was made after me

Animal: ferret

Powers: Can make only you see what you really love. For example for me I would see a mound of Chocolate...^w^ Plus she has power over all my other o.c's- meaning thanking away they're powers, deleting them, etc

Boyfriend: Kevin :D

~Paradox~ ( deaf )

Gender: girl

Nickname: Jason's nickname for her was "Dove" cause of her white ears (not the bandages but her actual ears) look I get bored sometimes ok?


Animal: cat

Power: can shape shift into animals

Story:when E.t was brought into the wolf pack, Paradox befriended her and once everyone found out that E.t was a werewolf, she and Paradox worked together as spies and helpers. One of their projects was saving Spear and Paralyze from an about to explode gunfactory. They were about to get Spear out, But the building exploded a bit sooner then they had expected. Paralyze had escaped hours before, but Spear was hurt, and E.t was injured. Paradox saved herself in time, regretting it later. After E.t had recovered (five minutes later? No XD)she decidied to go back in time to try an save Spear again, now that they knew more about the explosion. Jason convinced them that he wanted to come along as well, he was then Paradox's boyfriend, and perfect match. He had a way with words and E.t agreed to let him come. Paradox wasn't so sure but didn't delay they're time. Everything had gone smoothly untill the building slightly collapsed and a falling wall injured both Jason and E.t'. Paradox had to choose one of them to save, and Jason asked which one of them would benefit more if they were saved. Paradox saved E.t. Before leaving Jason gave Paradox his gray hoodie, thats why they have the same outfit,( I also like the outfit so sucks for you) But the delay of the wall falling still caused the same reaction, Spear and E.t were injured, but Paradox also went deaf from the explosion, and lost her :( <3. Paradox went back to the building after the explosion, but couldn't find her friends body. Paradox was grief stricken, and one day met a guy named Nico, who could sense whether a persons spirit was "unconscious" or not. Jason's ghost was apparently unsettled. Paradox searched for months and finally confided with Victoria and Arachne to come with her and search at the gunfactory. E.t had vanished the day before Paradox met Nico, and Paradox was secretly thankfull, as asking E.t to come would be as painfull as losing Jason again. After a few weeks of traveling, Paradox and her friends found themselves on a school field trip, unaware of who they were or what they were doing. Only Paradox had all her memories intact, but she only didn't know how they had gotten on the bus. When the school bus finally stopped, Paradox found out where they were going, they were going to the abandoned remains of a mysteriously exploded gunfactory(dun dun dun dun) :) Paradox hunted for Jason's body again, but obviously didn't find a trace. That night, as the high schoolers were sleeping at a building across the street from the ruins, paradox had a dream. And in her dream a voice spoke to her, and it was the voice of Jason. She found herself in a small mossy cobblestone room, sitting in one corner was Jason's ghost. "Paradox?" the painfully familiar voice asked. Paradox wanted to run over and hug him, but some force, kept here seated in her corner. "It's me Jason, it's me Paradox." Then that force seemed to release her. It released them both in fact. They both jumped to their feet and ran to each other, intercepting in the middle of the room. Paradox asked him the one question that had been nagging on her mind since she first had left him in the ruins four years ago, "Did I save the right person?" she stammered. Jason answered smoothly,"It depends on who's perspective you looked at it from".As dawn came, Paradox felt the sensation that someone was shoving her. Hard. As she turned too look what the source was, a whistle blew, sharp and clear, Paradox saw Jaspns startled face as the world turned white and Paradox woke up in a busy dormitory, a p.e teacher standing over her bed. "You were supposed to get up ten minutes ago!" The old guy snapped. XD boredom.

I'll finish this up later

Boyfriend: Jason, but she has a crush on Marjorie's o.c Jupiter (I can't help it, all the "J" people seem to go perfectly with Paradox! XD)


Gender: girl


Family: she is very close to paradox but other then that no.

Animal: not really an animal, she is a spider (side affects of watching "THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN" ) :D seriously good movie

Power: stick to stuff, get stuff to stick to her, make webs etc, (just female spiderman, think of it like that!)

Boyfriend: idk

Story: was found as a teenager, age 14 I guess, without any memory at all of who she was and everything. :D identity crisis! Omg XD my stomach hurts now

Jason <3 (deceased) *sad face*

Gender: boy


Family: paradox is his girlfriend

Animal: wolf/ spirit

Power: can control the air and can intercept the stuff in it (I.e thoughts, dreams, texts, phone calls, sounds, objects, etc. also can sort of hover, course it's useless when ur dead, everyone can hover)

Girlfriend: Paradox


Kk so this is Greif as told from Jason's point of view (yep to much fun writing this down) XD

Really long btw, enjoy :)~ beard.

Jason was Paradox's boyfriend. He didn't come along the first time E.t and Paradox first went out to save Spear and Paralyze. After he saw what happened to E.t, he was terrified that the same thing could happen to Paradox. So when E.t said that she wanted Paradox to come with her and try AGAIN Jason had to come. E.t agreed, although Paradox looked fairly uncertain. Paradox had explained the plan to Jason before, so he knew what to expect. The plan worked perfectly, almost. As they were fleeing the site with Spear, the gun factory shuddered, then groaned, and then, the wall right by E.t shook. Shook hard. Jason tried to keep the wall standing by summoning some wind to shove it, but the breeze was no match for concrete. The wall leaned forward, and E.t ran faster. Jason had only one choice that wouldn't kill his girlfriends best friend. He leaped forward and shoved E.t away from the wall. Most of her made it. After the dust cleared, Jason could see that E.t and him lay side by side, both their legs crushed underneath the concrete wall. Paradox couldn't get both of them out in time, the bomb would detonate in a few minutes, not enough time for a hawk to fly a mile. Paradox glanced fearfully from one friend to another. Jason said the first words that popped into his mind "Which one of us will benefit being saved more?" it had been E.t's plan, it was her friend who were going to be rescued, and Jason couldn't have saved her neck for nothing. Sure to Paradox, who would become a boyfriendless girl in the next hour, it wouldn't be so nice, after all they had been through. But She had to get it, Saving him would destroy Spear and E.t's relationship, and Paralyzes friend. Saving her would ruin Paradox, but it would keep more people happy. While Paradox absorbed this fact, Jason picked up waves of emotions cascading off Eternity, " Just save spear and Jason, Jason doesn't deserve to be left like this and he's a fairly decent guy!" Jason heard her thought almost as clearly as if E.t had said it out loud. Paradox was shaking, as she backed away, transformed into a lioness, and leaped forward, shoving the wall out from over them. As cooler air cascaded down on them, Jason almost blacked out with pain, it was crazy, what a concrete wall could do to you. E.t seemed to be handling it better. Or maybe wasn't showing it. She struggled to stand up, then collapsed. Then summoned a harness. She slipped it on, and dragged herself over to Spear, and hugged him. Paradox backed away from them and sprinted over to Jason. she collapsed next to him and hugged him as well. Jason, again, did the first thing that popped into his head. He slipped off his sweater, a really comfy old one, and put it on Paradox's lap. He would prefer it if the old thing didn't get blown up by the building. All she had on was a simple blue shirt, She gazed down at it, and hugged him again. "love you Dove" (his nickname for Paradox) Jason muttered into her beautiful white ear. She nodded and ran off to E.t and Spear. She hooked them up, and E.t summoned another harness for her to wear. She backed off and instead of transforming into a black hawk, turned into a white dove, and fluttered back to Jason. But instead of landing by him, she circled back, swooping into the form of a hawk, slipped into the harness and grabbed Eternity and Spear by a metal hook on top of E.t's harness. E.t clung to the unconscious Spear and they took off, soaring over the dust clouds and into the white fluffy ones above. Jason sighed, the fresh pain of unusable back legs seemed to bury him, asking him to go unconscious, begging him. Jason fought against it, preferring to feel what death is seriously like. He never made it, the sleepy tingle finally summoned him.

Jason part 2

Jason woke to the feeling that he should be remembering something, realizing something. But he couldn't fiqure out what. Maybe the blurry vision was affecting his thoughts, making them just beyond recognizable. His vision was blurry? If he didn't remember anything, how could he tell if his vision was blurry? Was his vision blurry because of what? Dust? Dust. Suddenly the world seemed to shift under Jason's feet. Everthing came rushing back, the only thing that remained was the blurry vision. Dust. Dust clouds. The gunfactory. Eternity. Spear. Paradox. Himself. How was he awake again if he was definatly supposed to have died, what? 2 hours ago? 5 days? 6years? A million? Jason felt panic closing around him. What had happened to Paradox? If it had been a million, where was she? If it had been 5 days, had she made it out in time? Was she ok? Jason shook these thoughts away. The only way to find out was to try to pick up some sort of thought or dream signal, not that hard right? Jason glanced around, taking in his surroundings. Ok maybe a little challenging. He was in a stone cage, it was hard to tell thought because it was so dark, maybe mossy cobblestone?. Alone. Light only came in through a small hole big enough for maybe a bird, Jason struggled to his feet- he could walk!- and peered through the hole. It ended a foot away from his nose. But yet light flooded from it, the only light in the room. Jason wished he had Paradox's cat eyes, they would be useful in this situation. Jason examined the hole again. It actually appeared to suddenly slant upwards, -maybe to the surface?- but it was hard to tell when you had blurry vision. So if someone were to find him, the only way would be through here, the "pipe". Now about food and water, he would need to survive on something right? If he were alive. Jason struggled to remember what he had read about death in stories. Did ghosts eat food and drink water? Ghostly food and ghostly water? Did ghostly food and water even EXIST? Then again did people come back from the dead or turn into gho