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Hello Hatena! Im known as Maria(my real name) or Octane around here Im 12 years old and obsessed with anything Sonic. I also have a lot of charries too heres a list.

1. Alena the fox

2. Sumi the wolf

3. Kitsumi the mongoose

4. Katsumi the mongoose

5. Ino the white bengal tiger

6. Rickie the hedge-cat

7. Aries the celestial cat

8. Lily the wolf-fox

9. Tori the hedgehog

10. Sky the wind wolf

11. Kagome the mink

12. Sterling the devil

13. Sphynx the lamb

14. Alice the cat

15. Sinth the hedge-cat

16. Lexa the Abyssinian

17. Sage the spice wolf

18. Odyssey the coyote

19. Mist the llama

Meh, I'm lazy I'll finish later