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Gutentag! Ich bin Schatten 9 owo

Name: Brooklyn

Gender: female

Age: 14

Interests: Rock, sports, video games (halo, call of duty, assasin's creed, left for dead, etc.), comic books, drawing.

Original Characters: Miyavi, Lexos, Kari, DR. Oblivion , Zip and Zap, etc. (like +20 more)

Fave Characters from other series!: Richtofen, Axel, Dempsey, L, Chishima, Renji, Dr. Hakka, Reymus Lupin XD,

Friends On Hatena: Jayzen, GEARZ, Monster, Lucario, Allie, Snow Kat, KingdomL4D, SnowPika, Richtofen, Gbro, IPyscho, Peachy, YusieLuvforMe, etc.