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Hai im Lilith im very crazy, random, and kind BUT if u mess with my buds or me then we got problems and uhhhh ummmm I LIEK TRAINS! I know im a bad artist but i think im getting better although i know im never gonna be as good as Scourgey or Abril, but its worth a try. Scourgey and Abril are the reasons why i joined hatena and why i started drawing again even though i stink at drawing. Annnny way im a huge sonic fan and im teaching myself to draw chibi most of my O.cs are sonic fan characters and i will only allow FOUR people to use them, Scourgey, Abril, SatYriaSiS (i hope i got your name right) annnnnd my bff (i cant put the characters in her name but ill get it close enough) $h@dowf@n(heart) i hope i got it close enough.......... DID U STEAL MUH BUTTUH?!?!1`1 Tails doll is so cute and fuzzy and fluffy and cuddly and and and and CHEESE =3 DUNT JUDGE ME why are you judging me stop judging meeeeeeeee oooooooh cheese. weeeeeeell i hope u people will liek my art and my crazy randomness O3o im here to make friends and art idc about stars their just coloured pixels and fame weeeeell i never lieked fame i dont really liek it when many people know my name and pretend their my friend MY LITTLE PONY RULEZ. kthxbai.