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Hello people of Hatena and welcome to my creators room!

About me:

I don't like to give out info about myself much...

Anyway, I go by Rena on here, since it's close to my real name, and I have no ideas what so ever...

I'm a high school student (not gonna tell you which grade though) and have been drawing since middle school.

I am here just to improve my art. That's all fans and stars don't matter to me, though it's always nice to know that someone likes my work. I have improved soooo much since I first joined. It's amazing.

I have one series on here right now. A Legend of Zelda "fanfiction" I guess... I have another series I would like to get started on here, but it's still in development.



Reading Manga (my favs are Blue Exorcist, D.Gray-Man, Bleach, Black Butler, One Piece and Soul Eater)

Watching Anime (Reborn!, and all of the above)

Video games (like Legend of Zelda, Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, and yes, Pokemon)

Music (I love Vocaloid. Len's my fave)

Yup. Now you know how boring my life is.




"People believe the world will end in one way or another.

Fires, earthquakes -you name it.

As for us Zelda fans, well...we keep our eye on the moon."