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Real Name: Sammy Sorrynolastname (Last name revealed if I ever become famous in reality)

Occupation: High School Sophomore Student, ENCORE! Publicity Chair & 2-Star Thespian, Debate Team Captian, Key Club's Statistical Secretary and Theatricity's Vice President

High School Graduation Year: Class of 2014

Race/ Culture: Asian/ Chinese American

Age: 16

I am a big fan of Pokemon, Mario, Family guy, The Simpsons, Zelda and other fun nintendo games. I have a high interst in Music, Theatre and pretty much anything entertaning and I enjoy talking to everyone! I am a very nice and easy-going person. :) I started joining hatena in the beginning of 2010 in the winter and I have enjoyed it ever since. I once was in the ranking #1, but that was because I stole a flipnote (that doesn't mean I'm a jerk though). :( I hope you will enjoy the flipnotes I'm making. In the future, after quitting hatena (which will happen soon) I am working on to being a future Hollywood Actor, Singer-songwriter and Film Director.

Ever since my LARGE Absence on Hatena, I've been busy with things such as: Lots of Homework (duh, cause I'm in all Honors and 1 AP Class), ENCORE! (Theatre Club), Mixed & Jazz Choir, Academic & Debate Team, Tri-M Musical Society (Music Club), Key Club and Theatricity (Student-Produced Shows/Musicals Club). I was very busy with reality since I've entered high school, but before I finally leave, I want to make something special for you all before I leave for good!

Feel free to join my chatroom(s)! I sure could use some company!


I am a very nice and gentle young man, but I never want to go too extremme because of some stupid misunderstanding of things like star begging and such.

My Chatrooms:

Lucario's Chatroom 1 (private): R,Up,Y,A,Right,Y,B,Down,B,Up

Lucario's Chatroom 2 (public): B,Left,L,L,Up,A,B,R,Right,Up

Pokemon Club Chat (members only; now changed to public): X,Y,R,Left,Y,Right,Up,L,R,Left

If the codes above don't work, then just type the name of the chat on the search bar on the computer. It will work!

Whats New: April 7th, 2012:

Well, it's been August 2011 since I was last on here. I have missed you all! Ever since I started high school, I have been super busy and not having a lot of time being on hatena. My original plan to create the Flipnote Hatena Movie didn't work out because of time managment, but I PROMISE, before I leave for good, I will create something special for all of you!

Here are some flipnotes to look foreward to:

The History of "Lucario": 1996 - 2012

Hatena Music Videos (by Modern Artists)

Music Soundtracks by many different Nintendo Games

Soundtracks to some of my favorite movies/ TV Shows

A Special Final Flipnote(s) before I leave for good!!!

Please enjoy of what I have so far!

Thanks and Enjoy My Flipnotes!!!

  • S.A.M.M.Y/ L.U.C.A.R.I.O

High School Sophomore Student

ENCORE! Publicity Chair

Debate Team Captian

Key Club Statistical Secretary

Theatricity Vice President