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I am just one person

One who cries out when im behind closed doors

One who developed a tounge to please others

One who puts no one above God

One who has been lifted up and looks at the outcomes rather than the situation

One that beholds beauty in everything, even the darkest of darkest

One who can decipher when the enemy looms over me and when Jesus sheilds me

One who talks alot...for everyone to hear...not for everyone to understand just one times that by 3...then by thousands that are like me

One person is all it takes

I may be one person but im still human

Still have human feelings

Still have human relationships

Still in the human body

I just chose to step out of the natural into the supernatural...the good kind

I am one person

One who loves my family

One who loves her bf

One who loves her besties

One who loves her friends

One who loves her friends and fans

One who loves the arts

And one who loves Jesus

Dont expect me to stop xD i havnt changed, i have just added something to better me and others through me, F is the same...just AWESOMER! This all happened in the span of 3