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Ello.. :( Sorry haven't been on a a couple months.. I can't post flipnotes because I don't even have a DSi in current possetion... :P bleh, hopefully by next month I'll have it fixed >.<


I got my DSi fixed!! :D I'm going to create a new Hatena account for it though.. x3 Hehe I'm sho happeh............

EDIT;; haHA yes I have my DSiXL back now and I have created the new account, as you can see in my most recent flipnote.. and I have commented and added a few stars to that flipnote with my new account so ya'll can find meh and fav meh -w-

Also I would like to let you know that I'm not really posting very often because I'm a bit lazy and need to work on stuff to post.. yeah..

oh and if you want the name of the new account it's シーン<3ウルフ

Ciao! -scene<3wolf (aka sky)