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Hiii peoples x3 lol thanks for checking out my profile! everyview means so much to me!!

Here are the reasons I play flipnote!^^

1.To practice my artwork

2.To make some good friends

3.To have fun drawing

4.Because I love watching other peoples flips and looking at thier art (I think everyone is really amazing at it^^)

5.Just because I love art and animation owo lol

Some random facts i just want to put up here x3

1.Im blind in my right eye

2.I'm hopeing to become a book writer

3.I don't really care about fame or stars I care more about having fun and drawing

4.My OC Shay's whole name is Shaydee The hedgehog

5.Shay was made to be Shadow the hedgehog's adopted daughter and to be the queen of chaos

6.Shay isn't all hedgehog, she's a hybrid of angel and hedgehog

7.Shay has wings just like her father, Crimson Wing, who had given shay up when she was born

9.I have a ton of other Oc's and shall now list thier names!!!!!

Shay the hedgehog

Shinku the dark

Spade the demon

Rio the cat/bat

Sade Fox

Shara Fox

Phantom the hedgehog

Zero Kiryuu

Babydoll the fox

Shade the dark

Saya Husky

Jade Wolf

Jasper Wolf

Jedda Wolf

Yuka the dark

Crimson Wing

Hope Wing

Carressa Light

Silverflame the snowwolf

SilverIce the snowwolf

Rajah the cat

Ranay the tabby

Koro the wolf/bat

Corso the wolf

and a long line of others that would take to long to put up here x3

and thats about it for now owo


Love you Striker!