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This is Kate T.C, or Kate the Cat. I cant remember how long I have been on hatena, maybe a year. I would have to see if I can check that so dont take my word on it. When I first got my Dsi, I REALLY wanted to become famous here on hatena. I have improved so much over months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, whatever. I use to not be good at drawinging. If u go back to my old flips, you will see how I use to draw. I was NOT good at drawing the quills on hedgehogs. Now I can draw them easily fine. BUT! I cant take ALL credit. A friend of mine was helping me improve. I thank him for that so much. He knows who he is. :) Im hoping to REALLY improve on making an ACTUAL MV flip. Im not sure what song to use yet but I will soon. I try, and by trying I might improve. :D Well, I will explain more about my hatena life but, there's too much to say. '^^


guys....Im not sure whether or not I should continue(Dash's Adventure). There will be no point in continuing if barely anyone is going to watch it(Dash's Adventure).....

Kate the Cat

=Kate T.C=