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I am a ordinary girl that loves to draw sonic charcters especially shadow and amy. They look so adorable togther, in my opinion! I love to show people around the world my art work to see if they are amazed or not. :3 I love to edit a buncha different unlocked flipz. But I very much dislike false reporters!!!! >:( ... Mostly when the report because of blood being on a flipnote. I mean its not like they've never seen blood before. I am a christian, and i do know the lord is in the heavans waiting for us, even if we are alive when the world is coming or is already at the end. If you want to know more about me just ask in one of my flipnotes (the very first flip that pops up)and ill try to let you know what you want to know about me asap. But not anything too personal. And I want to say thanks to all of my fanz they have helped me alot and encouraged me to make even more better and improved flipz. Byee. I love shadamy :3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!