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O.k, I am the reel Shayminsayz on deviantART.

I have no idea how the hacked flipnotes stayed but I left only MY real flipnotes. The others weren't mine at all... -.- Some hackerssss.....

I know that I deleted my old account and stufffffff, but I am back, but will post little bit since Verizon sucks! >.<

Just to introduce my characters:

I stole styles fro *Red Vap* but gave credz:

Wave - A psychic emo mew who loves to eat but is bipolar. Aquos poked out her eye, thats why she is emo.

Dotz - He got a disease where he turned grey and became evil, having a firearm as a "power"

Nightfire - My real "o.c." He is also bipolar at most times and loves listening to Blood on the Dancefloor. he hates everyone and got his powers from a machine called "The Black Fire" one night in Italy.

Aquos - The B(*&h. He hates everyone and poked out Wave's eye because he was jealous of wave's popularity.

Donut-Ho - A character that my friend wanted me to make for her. he liaks donuts nao rly?

Teddy - She always has a bow in her hair and has a crush on Donut-ho.

Kangarabbit - A fakemon that I really don't use.

Artemis - nightfire's enemy. He allways looks toward the light and wants to "K!ll" nightfire. Thats meh, so enjoy and bye! ^-^