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My name is Alanna and my sisters name is Shelby. She is now using her own account on our new DSi XL so this account is now mine :)

So yeahh...

Name: Alanna

Age: 16

Location: Ohio

A little about me, I guess xD hmm... I loveeee anime. Spirited Away is my favorite movie. I draw it all the time in my sketch book :) Lucky Star and Sailor Moon are my all time favorites :3! I am a runner for the sports cross country and track. Best mile is a 6:18, best 5k (3.1 miles) is a 21:40, and my best 2 mile is a 13:42. I am going on my third year varsity for both sports :3 I hope to improve those times... xD Ummm... what else about me? I LOVE metal and screamo music. Hardcore music FTW \m/ Oh, and if it isnt obvious enough, Im in LOVE with Zelda video games <333!!!! I think Link is really cute ~_^ Im generally a nice person, unless you really DUN GOOF D:< xD

Oh. my hair is Black by the way xD

Its been Brown, Burgandy, Hot pink, White, Blue, and Purple :3

I also play Mario Kart Wii like its my job xD

Im in a clan currently, its called ex7 (Extreme 7eam)

It is a Spanish clan, even though Im Caucasian xD

VR doesnt matter, but I have usually 9999.

I tend to be a loud person. Very loud. Trust me. You dont want to be around me when im hyper ^-^"

Youtube: MsZeldaLove (Loud psycho videos there) lol