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Ello peps~ here's some info .w.

Name: BloodedFox but call me Kitty or Kitty-Chan

Joined: April,2,11

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Birthday: 9/23 aka September 23rd

deviantart: BloodedFox (used to be Zappytehcat)

YouTube: cassiethecat1

Website: i want one XDD

Okay so i love to draw and animate, i am a unnoticed person of Hatena -sob- i try to improve and i try to make good friends on here. my biggest dream is to get at least 1 flip in the most popular

Yay!~ My fireflies AND Discord flip made it into the most popular!~ *cries tears of happiness* And now my Glibert pv!?? You guys make me so happy...