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Sup. So, I'm not DAED. YEEAAAA also Iloveyouandyouareawesome. Peace~ And also, if you're into japanese music, listen to GLIDE and WAVE! I recommend kradness's cover. HISVOICEGOESSOWELLWITHTHEMUSIC

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SU (ShinyUmbreon)

Sup. So, I'm not DAED. YEEAAAA also Iloveyouandyouareawesome. Peace~ And also, if you're into japanese music, listen to GLIDE and WAVE! I recommend kradness's cover. HISVOICEGOESSOWELLWITHTHEMUSIC

Self introduction

Creator's Name: ShinyUmbreon

Likes: Chao, Drawing, Gaming, and Art.

Characters. BEWARE! The list is LONG. LIKE, REEAALLY long.

Name: Cheryl

Gender: Female (Girl)

Bio: Nice, not-so-easily angered, does NOT like to be dirty or wet, and sometimes mentally unstable. Her "color" is purple. (Like, personality-wise. SOMETIMES THO, NOT ALWAYS.)

Animal: Deer

Fur Color(s): Purple and White

Eye Color: Purplish-Whitish

Extra: A long time ago, (Like, over a million years long ago,) there lived three gods, one of destruction, one of life, and one of all elements. Due to some circumstances, the gods were put to "sleep" deep within the planet, also known as Varsenia, and their DNA, and with the help of some scientists, made Cheryl.. SO SHE'S A GOD. OBEY.

Name: Roar

Gender: Male (Boy)

Bio: Usually calm, nice to SOME certain Chao, does not care about most things, and used to live in a Clan. Very loyal, and is not one to betray others.

Animal: Tiger, (appearance) and some say he has the courage and heart of a lion, and speed of a cheetah.

Fur Color(s): Purple, Dark Blue, Aqua and Lime Green.

Eye Color: Greenish-Bluish

Likes: Cheryl (cuz he became her guardian. :3 SHO CUUTE)

Extra: In his clan, there was a legend where a warrior, also one of the clan's ancestors, met a goddess who saved his life. He then decided to dedicate his heart and soul to her, becoming her guardian. They fell in love, and some stuff happened, and then Roar, the brave warrior's descendant, and all his other blood reletives, had to do the same. (If it's not clear, he had to give his life to a female who saved his life. Only males had to do this, BTW.) SO BASICALLY, HE'S AWESOME. //whispers// and hes also cheryls guardian

Name: • Haven't decided. •

Gender: Male

Bio: Air-headed, has a my-pace type personality, GREAT at singing and has a somewhat faraway, deep, BUT NOT ENTIRELY DEEP voice, thus making him a popular idol

Animal: Electric squirrel

Fur Color(s): Sort-of messy, and in a low, short ponytail, and yellow green markings

Eye Color: Normally a deep purple, but when using elements, or "magic," it turns into an electric yellow

Likes: The Chao below, but almost never shows it

Extra: The Chao below and him were reincarnated many many times, all because of a certain incident. (Lets call the male Green, and the female Yellow.) Green and Yellow, loved eachother so much, and Green, promised an impossible request of Yellow. That promise was to meet eachother even in the afterlife. So, of course, they kept on reincarnating, and kept on bumping into eachother. The first time they met was when Green first invented music, and Yellow was great at singing. So, it was a VERY long time ago.

Name: • Haven't decided as well, sorry. ^-^; •

Gender: Female

Bio: Very "electrical," positive most of the time, has a "bigger sister" type personality, and has a very lively voice, thus making her a VERY popular idol, just like the Chao above.

Animal: Electric squirrel

Fur Color: A bright electrical yellow, and some light yellow markings as well

Eye Color: Bright red, but turns to a VERY bright sky blue when using her "powers".

Extra: Same as the Chao above. Also, they are NOT related in ANY WAY AT ALL. So it's not incest. (I think that's what you call it...)

More to come! Also, little note to my friends and/or fans... I'm alive, so don't worry. *º-º* Actually, I don't even know if any of you go on this site... or even follow me anymore. •~• But I still love you all! BTW THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT MY STYLE HAS CHANGED DRRAAASTICALLY so, yeah. SOME OF YOU MAY NOT RECOGNIZE ME. Sadly. (It became more anime-ish. :D) That's all. ^-^ ~~

NOTES: Oh, you wanted a self introduction? Too bad. You get a CHARACTER introduction. HAHAHAHAAHAHA //shot

Full name

Esther Kim


Female (Girl)




June 17th. :3

Blood type

O type!


DRAWINGDRAWINGDRAWINGDRAWI- illstopsodontkillmepls.. Oh! And also gaming. :D

Special skills

Special skills? ?.... Drawing I guess.


English is my native one, and korean is my... well... other language.

OTPSMMMMMM- //shot twice

Top three pairings I ship.

Ereri, LivecasterShipping, and Shizaya

Notes from SU



Games liked Super Meatboy (OMG HOW CAN ANYONE HATE THIS) / POKEMON... OBVIOUSLY. DUH. omgwowsuchamazingnessmuch3dwowverypokemon / Minecraft / Braid (The one where you can go back in time to fix your mistakes, you know. ^^~) / Haunt the House (It's a cute little game, go google it! *^○^*) / Bit Trip Runner (I think that's what it's called..the one with Commander Video.) / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / Animal Crossing / Flappy Bird (? I guess you COULD say I LIKE it... it's addicting. :3) / SO MUCH AAAAAA OMG / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ] / ]
Drinks liked The only exception are juices that are made from fruit. mmm. ESPECIALLY WATERMELON / Basically anything that's unhealthy for the human body.
Music liked Electro / Anime Ops (looks at shingeki no kyojin) / Chiptune/8-bit / And game OSTs... / Dubstep / Vocaloid/Japanese music in general / Oh! And can't forget anime OSTs!
TV Shows liked Shingeki no Kyojin (So heartbreaking... ;-;) / Free! (You know, that one swimming anime...) / Naruto (EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. COME ON.) / Pokemon (EW EW NO ENGLISH VOICE ACTORS PLS EWEW NO GO AWAY) / One Piece ( bootiful...BUT NOT BETTER THAN SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN AAAAAA) / DRRR (Durarara!) / Kuroshitsuji
Animals liked Deer / Tiger, Cat, Lion, Cheetah, etc. / Squirrel / Rabbits, Bunnies, etc. / LIEK AOL TEH ANEEMUHLS / Fox, Arctic Fox, ALL FOXES IN GENERAL / Bird / Dog (So huggable and cute... Aaaahhh....)
Movies liked Frozen (Don't worry. I'm not one of those psychotic fangirls. ;D) / How to Train Your Dragon ( 1 and 2! ) / Finding Nemo / Basically anything during our childhoods. IM 11 SO...)