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hello this is sid you may have heard of me through my other account anyway.

facts about me:



Age:11 Years

Birthday:June 22

State:Not Tellin

What i do:Draw and animate wolves,cats,and possibly humans. mainly cats

My Favorite Fans or Friends:







SwiftFlight-me-(girl) exactly like me, looks like me in a cat form.

RedFur-boyfriend/crush-(boy) he was born on a farm. he is a brown cat with white spots.

SpottedStar-me-(girl) she is a fire orange cat with black spots,belly,and paws. she was the leader of Cloud Clan.she broke the warrior code and fell in love and had kits. she ran away and died.the kits names where ShiningKit and StarKit. was killed by Dark

Shiningmoon-me-(girl) she has a long scar on leg and tail, white fur, blue eyes, and a magical peace-sign necklace given to here by Star.previous med cat of Forest Clan but ran away, to seek revenge, after losing her necklace and being nearly being killed by Dark

StarLight-me-(girl) white cat with black fur around eye,on back, tip of ears,top of head,paws,and tail. can read and transfer memories.

StoneClaw-ex-boyfriend-(boy) gray cat. is now deputy of Cloud Clan

WhiteStar-an old friend-(girl) black cat with white face, paws, belly, and tip of tail. current leader of Cloud Clan

Star-me-(boy) he is leader of Star Clan, his brother is named Dark, Star gave ShiningMoon her necklace. Star is a white cat with a blindfold on his eyes, a black tail, wings, paws, belly, and ears.

Dark-me-(boy) leader of The Dark Forest. he is completely black with a scar on his eye and a devil tail. he killed SpottedStar and took Shiningmoon's necklace.

i think thats all of the characters. p.s. i created CloudClan.