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Hey! I'm FireMew! I'm Leader Rank 2 of a Chat called Poke Friends Forever! (PFF for short)

Anyways, about how i will post flipnotes, i will mostly be posting music flips 4 u guys out there 2 use. They will mostly be Pokemon music flips, and if u want 2, u can request music 4 me to post so u can use it. only 1,000,000 starz! How great a deal iz that? (lol... jk... it free...) :3

I'm up for anybody that wants to Brawl. So if u do, tell me in my most recent flip, and I'll see what I can do! BTW, I'm pretty good! Gone to 2 tournaments, everyone at LEAST 3 years older than me (other than my friend with one tourney) and i've gotten 3rd, and 5th place!!!(5th caused in 2nd tourney because I paired up with my friend, beating once, and then twice later on. He goes on to get 4th.) May not sound too good, but trust me; when you see me and my friend in a heated battle, it gets VERY INTENSE!!!!! >:D

Also, If you want to race me in Mario Kart: Wii, or challenge me to a battle in Pokemon Black and White, then I'm up for it!

News Update: 4/26/12

Well... I feel a little bit lonely here on Hatena... and in the world... No one (err.... rather, very little) in my life really supports me, likes me [as a friend], or even bothers to talk to me... Sure, I've made LOTS of friends here!!! But... I'm beginning to get on less and less, and being co-leader (or leader while the actual leader/host isn't present) is kind of hard to get done when I'm not there really at all... The chat I used to come in and have fun with the many friends there (referring to PMD) back about a year or 2 ago, but PMD has split, and now we have PMD and PFF (which I'm co-leader/host of). With the "Family" separated, I've noticed people get on less and less to PMD, and some just down right quit... ANd very few people come to PFF anymore... But we STILL have our original PFF family surviving in what's left of the chat. But... I feel like the guy that sits there, and doesn't do ANYTHING for my friends... Am I helping anyone at all? IS anyone gonna read this? Probably not... -sigh- Support would be VERY much appreciated. If you'd like to join PFF or PMD, please, don't be shy, and just come right in; just don't fre@k out at who you see in there.

Well, that's all for now!!! Judgement has been DEALT!!!