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I will never forget you my one and only true friend jjmsonic(Gone). You are the only friend I will probably have in Hatena. So...Goody bye. You will always be within my heart.


Playing- Fossil Fighters Champions and Sonic generations.


Theme song foe this month-

Portal 2- The wheatley song.


Obsession with dinosaurs.


My fossil fighter champions team.

1. Allosaurus


3. Krypto

4. Triceratops


5. Crysosaurus


I love Classic Sonic, Silver, and Shadow!!! LOL

Easter break go back on 16th


Thank You so much Hatena for making me a flipnote citizen.----


()ed With ()

Portal 2.


Of course now AnimeFreak leaves. HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING NEXT?!


OK So AnimeFreak is back. All is happy once again. XD--------------------

May 18th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!! BOOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!