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hey, hey, hey, im sir-duke and as you can see im a sonic fan. every chance i get draw sonic pics, i even make a comic. ive been drawing sonic for years and its a good hobby to have so i hope you enjoy the flipnotes i make and please feel free to give me some colored stars. oh and before i forget i might try to squeeze in a few stick figure flipnotes too.

7/4/12-im going to start my own series scenes,ideas and "so on's" from sonic, dbz, bleach, naruto oh and of course me enjoy. oh and if you want to be in it just say so but i'll need your permission to draw your o.c.s okay, later.

7/9/12-six entries in, hurry if you want to be in the series because by the time you sign up it might already be too late.

7/10/12-1 slot open two days left hurry cuz registration is closing tommorrow at 12pm good luck and i hope you make it.

7/12/12-the regstration extention will last until tommorrow so HURRYYYYYYY and thank you thats all for now.

7/13/12-11:30-4 and 1/2 hours left

8/8/12-the first episode of my series is comin' shortly and its pretty short and slow itself but hopefully its pretty good for a start wish me luck.