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Eyyyyy! You just came to the page of SkllzMstrX. What do you do now, huh?! Yeah that's right, BUDDY, you don't know do you?! Well GOOD!!! Now take yo cheeze nips and use them to find the cure for cancer! JKJKJK XD lawl I had to be that guy for a sec. Ok that you're here, here's:

Some Stuff About Me:

Anyways, Im SkllzMstrX, but you can call me Skllz. I animate and draw tons of things, from wolves to sprites to MVs, and I'm super genie(smart) and athletic. I also have a 3DS. Here's mah fc:


Name: Hamilton (Also my rl life name)

I'm ALMOST 15 and speak fluent English and Spanish as well as a little German, Italian, Japanese, and some Chinese. Also, I'm SUPER random and funny(sometimes even I surprise myself). Lastly my B-Day is on December 22nd. 5 DAYS! X3 Now enough about me stalker! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

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Copy this if you are funny or like random stuff.

So here are my goals:

50 fans*

100 fans*

200 fans*

500 fans*

1000 fans

5000 fans

5,000 stars*

10,000 stars*

50,000 stars*

100,000 stars*

200,000 stars*

500,000 stars*

1,000,000 stars

Make a popular Flipnote Series

5 green stars*

10 green stars*

20 green stars*

50 green stars*

100 green stars

1 purple star

= completed

I can't froget mah frayiends!


Alcapone- Bamf bro/Lovie, my evil twin brother who loves Deni

Lima Bean- What a boss! Creator of awesome sprites and an epic drawer.

Black Kat- Marzy: She's a really nice, yet sensitive girl that can draw really well and play the flute like a BAWSS!

sketch- My chill brops who is one of a kind in a good way. He's super funny and shares a birthday w/ meh. (December 22nd)

NeonWolf- My most awesomest wolfie buddeh who gets hyper off bread and has an awesome personality. 8D

Z-Rom- An awesome Pokemon lover and an epic wizard/ BAMF.

Trilogy- Mah Super Smash Bro and cofounder of P!mp My Chimp. XD When we hang the epic ideas flow.

Onyx: My epic friend who makes good series and quality MVs

ComiX-Awesome creator X3

Irox- You ARE epic! 8D

Legendary1: An epic friend of mine w/ an epic personality :D

Sparky- We don't talk much but I

still consider you a friend.

EvanSG- ONE EPIC MV CREATOR! Check his beautiful flips out.

Kitkat- I like how you draw. :D

IcyFlame- Aweamsome comedy flips dude! :P

Enderfoo- A BAMF that likes Minecraft

Midnight- My awesome pie loving friend who draws wolves well.

Darkwing- Probably one of the top five best stick fight creators I've ever been privileged to be friends w/.

LightForce-My first friend on

Hatena. Where are ya bro?

Akari- Mah awesome little sis on Hatena

Vn6000- Pony loving bro

Deni- An exceptional singer/drawer and Al's lover XD

TJW- My bro w/ some quality Pokemon!

RapidBlaze- Awesome creator/bro 8D

XplodMonky- Epic sprites, bro!

AnGoRrIoR- Your flips are so unique!

DragonFire- Great at making original comedy with nostalgic BGM

Supa- An epic creator who loves Pokemon and draws them like a pro.

Plz tell me if I forgot anyone

Stuff I Like:

Favorite Color: Red/Purple

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Car: Nissan GTR/ Lamborghini Aventador/SSC Tuatara

Favorite Comedian: Daniel Tosh

Favorite Animal:Tiger

Favorite Sport: Track/Soccer

Favorite TV Show: Regular Show/Family Guy

Favorite Musician(s): The Black Keys, Gucci(BURR!!!) Mane, and Maroon 5.

Favorite Hobby: Making flips and chillin.

Favorite Video Game:IDEK I've played too many to tell. XD

Favorite Thing To Say: Ain't nobody got time for that!

Well that's about it...stay beautiful. ;) X)

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Playing Video games, watching TV, having fun.


English, and a bit of Spanish


Vehicles liked Porche 676 Spyder
Animals liked Tigers
Food liked Pasta