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Im 11 ^^ B-day: February 26 and I got Osirises :D. The Osirises are black, blue, purple, and neon green with black or white shoelaces! I love to draw and write stories. I'm in sixth grade and i was born in Italy. Yeah. . . did i mention i was a werewolf? o(_____)o oFTo. Oh yeah and i made a new channel called "Music Room ^-^" So check that out XD. Oh yeah and shout out to everyone in my faves lol I'm lazy. Haha yeah music is my life some artists/ DJs I like are: David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Hot Chelle Rae, Katy Perry, Blood on the Dance Floor, Black Veil Brides, 3OH!3, and a lot others <3. It would take up so much space if i named all the artists i liked because i know SO many songs and artists. :D I take it as a compliment if you ever say i know a lot of songs XD. I love troll comics to :D. Shout out to: Huggles, ToonDude18, Znyk, DogSmiles, DomoKid, FoxTrot28, Greendayly, and other creators! Chu guys are awesome. Sowwy if i missed any people i have a lot of friends. Oh yeah and shout out to Skult, my real life great friend. Yeah she broke her DSi so she cant post flipnotes anymore. XD Oh Skult