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OK so yeah, decided it was about time I wrote a thing about myself


OK-so this is my second account on Hatena, my old one was taken over by my older sister-who never actually uses it :U- because I was having issues with my old DSi but after I bought a new one it starting working again so I gave her my old DSi~


You can call me X3RO

I'm 13 and I Live in British Columbia, Canada

I am Prussian, Irish, British and Canadian~

My hobbies are:

Drawing, watching anime, reading Homestuck, animating, watching/reading Spider-man, going on Tumblr and DeviantART, obsessing over my OTPs and over flowing with the feels...


and before you ask: I DO support gay rights, nothing you say will ever change my opinion~

If I ever post anything that does not please you just because you do not support gay rights then please SHUT UP

Nobody wants to hear you complain.

Instead of focusing on the things you don't like, please consider my FEELINGS BECAUSE I HAVE THEM and just focus on the art work and animation.

If you have any tips on how I could improve on my art and animation skills then please share them with me~

I'm always looking for way to improve my art.


If you ever steal from anyone that will NOT improve your art it will only make people DISLIKE you so take the TIME to practice with YOUR OWN art instead of ripping off other people

I am always open for requests unless I say other wise

and questions are highly appreciated~

I hope you can at least tolerate my fail artistic skills and animation~