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Hello members. I am the on that would always post music drawlings and entertainment(Maybe I would Sprite Sheets in the mean time).

One theing to Know:

Me and SkyRider are true twin sisters.

So you can view many of both of our flipnotes.

Everybody is always a friend =D

(Just don't steal and I won't enoy you.)

Ignore this note!

make sure not to forget to finish pictures for deviant art

Also remember the colors of OC for 30secbeforemars:

Her stripes and rings are a light blue.the top of her head is a normal blue and the cresent shaped things on the end of her ears are also light blue.her eyes are the color of outer space with a hint of a strange blue color(just alot of BLUE!).her bottom jaw and the rest of her body is a blue-light gray color and the lower half of her legs(she has bird legs on the lower half,i hope you know)are a tan-orange color and she has black claws. for referance...

For those of you who read this note (whitch it said to ignore) you can check out SkyRider on Deviantart for all of the fakemon and sketches that she usually do.

If you are a person that is a pokemon collector that just want to be in the internet, You can check out