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Hi! I'm Smileybunny! Please just call me Smiley. I'm thinking of changing my creator name to xXSmileyXx or xxSmileyxx or Smiley or ?Smiley? or ♪Smiley♪. What do you think?

Age: 16!!!!!!

Grade: Gonna be a sophomore!

Desc: Really long brown hair that's really straight & blue eyes that match any blue I wear no matter what color... weird

Activities: Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association Rabbit Queen & also a youth director. Showing & raising rabbits. Cross country. Track. Basketball. Girl scouts. 4H & Jr leaders. Adventure crew. & other stuff

Games: Pokemon, animal crossing, super smash bros

Books: caution I read a ton!!!

warriors, hunger games, wabi, fablehaven, hart potter, lord of he rings, twilight

manga eh

Movies, I don't watch a lot... haven't seen hunger games yet :(

Avatar, Harry potter, twilight, cars, karate kid

Pets: (I live on a farm...) Lots of show rabbits my fav is Alice. Barn kitties & a house cat. A gerbil, Rythymn, who's my actual pet, Dogs beagles dalmations & a lab/huskey. Chickens laying & show. Turkeys fancy & market & a handful of cows.


Real life:EvanSG & Rose37

Hatena Starflower, pokegirl, jasper, stormclan, moontear, techno owl, osirus, & many more

Anything else you wanna know ask.