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Ello ello ello ello, Clover is speaking and welcome to ma profile.

you can call me Clover, Randoms or dolly daydreamer (because i day dream a lot i mean a lot more like 24/7)

so heres a bit of info about me

i turned 16 on the 16th November last year, i am female, i have brown hair and blue eyes and i live in England and im half welsh and half Irish

i am generally a nice caring person, i am very clumsy, always dropping things and tripping over thin air and mostly walking into stuff :D


My greatest hobbies is reading a good book, i spend most of my time sitting on my bed reading. Also i love to make up stories and most of them are written on my laptop, which i do take ages to finish them. I love manga and anime, my favourites so far is maid sama and shugo chara. i love animals especially cats, i have 3 at home and are expecting kittens very soon

Also i am learning to speak Japanese, for fun really and this is what my Hatena name looks like クローバー its pronounced as Kuroba.

THIS IS GETTING LONG AND IM HUNGRY. So if there is anything else let me know


Clover xxx